Taking the Church to Non-English Readers & Speakers

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Literacy Missions Ministry is a way to reach people for Christ by meeting literacy needs.  Students are often unchurched people because a church is a very uncomfortable place for someone who does not understand the language or cannot read or write.  These are three areas of this ministry:

English as a Second Language is taught to international people who need Engiish to survive.  Often they have just moved to the United States.

Adult Reading & Writing is taught to those who speak English as their first language, but need to learn and/or improve reading and writing skills.  This might be a teenager that struggles to read or an 80 year old war veteran who quit school to join the army.

Tutoring Children and Youth is taught after school, often children & youth that have nowhere to go or have no adults to help them with their homework.  Churches often include a meal for the students after the teaching time.  This includes teaching English to international children.

Each of these three areas requires completion of an 11 hour workshop.  National LIteracy Missions Partnership, in partnership with the North American Mission Board, trains workshop leaders across the United States and Canada.  Money that is given to the National Literacy Missions Partnership goes to training and materials for these 45 hr workshops that are held once a year to train workshop leaders.  In the basic 11 hr workshop, participants not only learn how to teach literacy to students, but also learn how to share Christ with students as Scripture and prayer are part of every teaching session.  The teaching methods are very practical and hands-on.

English as a Second Language students are taught in classroom settings, at least one teacher for each level of students.  Adult Reading & Writing and Tutoring Children & Youth are taught one on one.  Bible lessons are included in the lesson time.

The main requirements are to love the Lord, want to share Christ with students and to know English.  You do not have to be a professional teacher.

Thank you for considering literacy missions ministry!

Betsy Stamper
Literacy Missions Associate