Taking the Church to the Corners of the Community

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Why go to mobile communities?

People who live in these communities need Christ.  Now, not every person who lives in mobile home communities are poor, but many of them are spiritually poor and that's the need we are meeting.  In our experience, they at one time or another are going to need some sort of assistance whether it be financial, parenting, physical work on their home or counseling.  Many will not come to an established church, but they will talk with someone who cares.  They are not looking for programs, but they are looking for people who genuinely care.  For some, they have never stepped into a church before or the have been burnt out by church, so by meeting their physical needs gives us a long-term opportunity to meet their spiritual needs.
For me personally, I have been on many international mission trips and have done a lot of great mission projects around my church, but the Lord challenged me to look around to where the church was not and take the church to people.  For me, it meant going two miles down the street to minister to a community that many have forgotten. 

Are training sessions available?

There are three opportunities to be trained depending on the level of commitment one has to minister in these communities:

Level 1 Training is for those who want to be a Community Coordinator or lead in any other area on a weekly basis: 11:28 (house church), Food/Clothing, LifeCoaching, PowerCamps, After School Mentoring.  They will be assessed through APEPT and be trained in the following areas: 

  •     Spiritual Warfare
  •     Safety/Security/Abuse Prevention
  •     How to Disciple
  •     Practical training in their particular area
  •     Biblical training and accountability.

Everyone who leads needs to be in the Word on a daily basis.
Level 2 Training are for those who want to help weekly but do not want to lead.  This training will happen once a month through their community coordinator.  The community coordinator of each site will train their people.
Level 3 Training is for those who want to help on an occasional basis.  This training will be two times a year.

How can our church partner with the Mobile Missions Network?

There are five ways for churches to partner with the Mobile Missions Network:

1.  Adopt a Community:

Partnering Churches are churches who are located in close proximity to a mobile church.   This partnering church has a desire to adopt this community for Christ.  The Mobile Missions Network will help provide ideas to help partnering churches connect with the community.

2.  Plant a Church:

We can help you help us plant a church in one of the communities.  11:28 is based out of Matthew 11:28, “Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest.”  Through these weekly opportunities of worship, our prayer is that many will come to know Christ.

3.  Fund a Church/Community:

Help fund one of the communities in the Mobile Missions Network.  Individuals and churches can help fund the church plants, after school programs, or special events.
You can make a donation at http://www.foundationchurch.com/#/give until Mobile Missions Network officially becomes a registered non-profit organization.

4.  Travel to Sapulpa/Tulsa areas to do a Mission Project:  

Maybe you have a weekend free or a week during the summer.  We can provide opportunities with our Mobile Missions and churches around Tulsa to experience God through serving.  We can tailor the mission opportunities to your group: clean up/construction; sports camps; backyard Bible Clubs.  We can also team you up with local partner churches to help them with a variety of ministries.  Our current partner churches are Foundation Church, Sapulpa; Calvary Baptist Church, Tulsa; Grace Community Church, Sand Springs.

5.  Summer Missionaries:

Interested in joining Mobile Missions Network for a week, two week or month long stint during the summer?  You can partner with us in having a weekly presence in the communities and host church groups through the summer.  Contact Mike at mike@mobilemissionsnetwork.com to get more information or Molly Shepherd at molly@mobilemissionsnetwork.com