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Baptist Resource Network Churches in Upscale Communities


Baptist  Resource Network Upscale Church Selector

34015019460Amazing Grace Community Church1041 Glassboro RoadWilliamstownGloucesterNJ08094-35473401South Jersey Region55851687
42017010180Bucks County Community Church1249 W. Maple Ave.LanghorneBucksPA19047-21294201Philadelphia Region72462533
42091019820Bux-Mont Baptist Church309 W County Line RdHatboroMontgomeryPA19040-11024201Philadelphia Region39171351
34007015840Church of the Good Shepherd- - Cherry Hill419 Kingston DrCherry HillCamdenNJ08034-16313401South Jersey Region73072632
34007014660Church of the Good Shepherd, Maple Shade1607 Pleasant DriveCherry HillCamdenNJ80033401South Jersey Region2681930
42041025650Country & Town Baptist Church220 Gettysburg PikeMechanicsburgCumberlandPA17055-56134202Central Region38191395
42091020770Crosspoint Baptist Church64 Allentown RdSoudertonMontgomeryPA18964-22014201Philadelphia Region62272050
34007013060Cultivate Church2303 Evesham RoadVoorheesCamdenNJ80433401South Jersey Region54242069
42029017990Express Church160 E. Pothouse Rd.PhoenixvilleChesterPA194604202Central Region40551312
42125030890Faith Community Church Lakeside337 Waterdam RdMcMurrayWashingtonPA15317-25774203West Region54361870
42095019960Fellowship Baptist Church3508 Greenway StEastonNorthamptonPA18045-56064201Philadelphia Region49521852
42011010720First Haitian Baptist Agape Church of Reading353 Buckhead LaneDouglassvilleBerksPA195184202Central Region49751583
34001000030Grace Falls Church308 North Shore RoadAbseconAtlanticNJ82013401South Jersey Region58052137
42091019820Grace Ukrainian Baptist Church749 West County Line RoadHatboroMontgomeryPA190404201Philadelphia Region39171351
34005008550Haitian Baptist Church of Willingboro203 Sunset RdBurlingtonBurlingtonNJ08016-41553401South Jersey Region66922030
42029025620Haitian Evangelical Baptist Church58 Berkley RoadDevonChesterPA193334202Central Region65032679
34001015970Haitian Evangelical Baptist Church6045 W Jersey AveEgg Harbor TwpAtlanticNJ08234-52473401South Jersey Region159805021
42091010170International Christian Fellowship456 W Ridge PikeLimerickMontgomeryPA194684201Philadelphia Region62442266
42133008950Lake Marburg Baptist Church3178 Smoketown RdSpring GroveYorkPA17362-83214202Central Region34001235
42077006260Lighthouse Baptist Church2096 Independent RoadBreinigsvilleLehighPA180314201Philadelphia Region49721889
42019029190Living Faith Bible Church28 Rolling RdCranberry TwpButlerPA16066-49404203West Region32601239
42003011150Living Faith Community Church109 Idleworth DrCoraopolisAlleghenyPA151084203West Region39651617
42003020290Living Word Baptist Church3263 Nottingham DrivePittsburghAlleghenyPA15235-51204203West Region30191293
42045011740Lord's Community Church309 Francis DriveHavertownDelawarePA19083-31054201Philadelphia Region30231015
42017009120Main Street Baptist Church57 S Main StDoylestownBucksPA18901-46404201Philadelphia Region27001200
42017014670Mision Bautista Hispana New Britain6023 Split Log DrPipersvilleBucksPA18947-10454201Philadelphia Region43201467
42029022020Mision Bautista Malvern2035 Howells RoadMalvernChesterPA19355-95234202Central Region43081474
42029012670New Hope Baptist ChurchRoute 30 & Central AvePaoliChesterPA19301-03644202Central Region29741201
42101005460New Hope Temple Baptist Church711 S 12th StreetPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPA191474201Philadelphia Region28101322
42091010170North Pointe Community Church456 W. Ridge PikeLimerickMontgomeryPA194684201Philadelphia Region62442266
34001000030One Hope In Christ Christian Fellowship560 New Jersey AveAbseconAtlanticNJ82343401South Jersey Region58052137
42091022060Philadelphia Mission Baptist Church1024 Nicholson RdWynnewoodMontgomeryPA190964201Philadelphia Region63102701
34005013410Rancocas Valley Baptist Church15 Valley Farm RoadRancocasBurlingtonNJ80733401South Jersey Region87733008
42133019320Red Land Baptist Church661 Big Spring RdNew CumberlandYorkPA17070-31554202Central Region43211681
42017006100Regeneration Baptist Church35 Forsythia Drive EastLevittownBucksPA190564201Philadelphia Region38731170
42095025930Riverbend Nazareth Church299 Industrial DriveNazarethNorthamptonPA180644201Philadelphia Region62891944
42071009320Slavic Baptist Church825 Imperial DrLancasterLancasterPA176014202Central Region41391711
42045013220Son Rise Baptist Mission7 Cedar RoadWallingfordDelawarePA190864201Philadelphia Region74752793
34005014330Southside Baptist Church673 Eayrestown RdLumbertonBurlingtonNJ08048-06803401South Jersey Region50351751
34015017170Stagecoach Road Christian Fellowship139 Stagecoach RoadSicklervilleGloucesterNJ80813401South Jersey Region3143982
42133008240Stewartstown Baptist Church18631 Five Forks RdStewartstownYorkPA17363-89884202Central Region75602847
42045013220The Foundry Church7 Cedar RoadWallingfordDelawarePA190864201Philadelphia Region74752793
42029012720Thorndale Baptist Church1920 E King's HwyCoatesvilleChesterPA19320-21354202Central Region69212650
34011001060Ukrainian Evangelical Bapt Church357 N. Lincoln AvenueVinelandCumberlandNJ83603401South Jersey Region52301773
42003011150West Hills Baptist Church259 Shafer RdCoraopolisAlleghenyPA15108-10964203West Region39651617

Upscale Community Ministry Resources

A New And Right Spirit: Creating An Authentic Church In A Consumer Culture
by Rick Barger, Mark Allan Powell (Foreword

In a postmodern culture shaped by consumerism, it?s little wonder that there is confusion about what the church is supposed to be in the 21st century. In A New and Right Spirit, Rick Barger argues passionately for congregations to reexamine what it means to be an "authentic church" in a culture where authenticity is hard to come by. He demonstrates the pitfalls of technical solutions to congregational problems and shows the way to making adaptive change. Recognizing the spiritual needs of a succ…

The Consuming Passion: Christianity and the Consumer Culture
by edited by Rodney Clap

Convinced that nothing may influence and affect the faith of Christians in the Western, "developed" world so much as consumerism, the editor of Consuming Passion has brought together articles showing how people of faith might best respond to this reality.

The suburban church: practical advice for authentic ministry
by Arthur H. DeKruyter; with Quentin J. Schultz

Over half of all North Americans live in the suburbs. In The Suburban Church, retired pastor Arthur H. DeKruyter encourages Christians to "go where the people congregate" and illustrates how to plant, grow, and renew suburban congregations. Throughout this book, DeKruyter relies on forty-five-plus years of pastoral ministry experience in which his own congregation grew from five families to more than five thousand members. He dispels myths about suburbia and demonstrates how to minister successf…

The McDonaldization of the Church: Consumer Culture and the Church's Future
by John Drane

�A theology which comes pre-packaged, and in which there are no loose ends, is not true to life nor can it adequately reflect the richness of the Gospel.� Why are churches struggling to maintain credibility in a culture in which there are more spiritual seekers than at any time in living memory? John Drane believes that churches have become stereotyped structures, offering uninventive formulaic worship to a dwindling minority. But there are exciting opportunities for growth, he argues, i…

The Jesus of Suburbia: have we tamed the Son of God to fit our lifestyle?
by Mike Erre

Like the first-century Pharisees, weve reduced Christianity to a set of propositional beliefs. Truth is, weve gotten away from what it really means to be a Christian. In The Jesus of Suburbia, Mike Erre reveals that weve created a Jesus in our own image. In a fresh, startling manner, Erre helps us understand that the real Jesus is calling us to live, act, and think in ways that overturn the status quo. Mike Erre is the pastor of a 4,000 member church in Costa Mesa, California. Mike and other…

Suburbianity: what have we done with the gospel? can we find our way back to biblical Christianity?
by Byron Forrest Yawn

Rick Warren famously wrote, "It's not about you." But much of the Western church seems to disagree, having settled for a self-centered message of personal fulfillment. With incisiveness and a passionate love for the church, pastor and author Byron Forrest Yawn offers a compelling call away from narcissism and back to the powerful and transforming gospel of Jesus. He shows the difference between...Sunday-morning life coaches selling self-help seminars, and preachers proclaiming God's redemptive w…

The Suburban Christian: finding spiritual vitality in the land of plenty
by Albert Y. Hsu

Suburbia: Paradise or Wasteland? Suburbia is a place of spiritual yearnings. People come to suburbia looking for a fresh start, the second chance, a new life. It embodies the hopes and longings of its residents, dreams for the future, safety and security for their children, and the search for meaningful community and relationships. Yet much in our suburban world militates against such aspirations, and people find themselves isolated and alienated, trapped by consumerism and materialism. Is there…

Branded: Sharing Jesus with a Consumer Culture
by Tim Sinclair

The church spends $1.5 million for every one new follower of Jesus. Apple sells 26 iPads every minute. What is it that makes Apple so exciting and Jesus so boring? What is it that compels someone to bring their iPod everywhere and their Bible nowhere? In a word: marketing. Jesus is a life-changing product with lousy salespeople-people who are intimidated and embarrassed by the word "evangelism" and who show more enthusiasm for their gadgets than their God. What would life look like if we could m…

Spiritual Fitness: Christian Character in a Consumer Culture
by Graham Tomlin

A focus on physical fitness is part of modern culture, but not so when it comes to spiritual fitness. Graham Tomlin asks what can be done? Physical health and fitness require discipline, self-denial and cost; so, too, with spiritual fitness. This is a very practical book giving churches and their members tools with which to start to reverse the trend of spiritual flabbiness, benefitting both themselves and society, as the church becomes more appealing and significant. This book is for all who fe…

Sacred Subdivisions: the postsuburban transformation of American evangelicalism
by Justin Wilford

In an era where church attendance has reached an all-time low, recent polling has shown that Americans are becoming less formally religious and more promiscuous in their religious commitments. Within both mainline and evangelical Christianity in America, it is common to hear of secularizing pressures and increasing competition from nonreligious sources. Yet there is a kind of religious institution that has enjoyed great popularity over the past thirty years: the evangelical megachurch. Evangelic…