Ministry in Six Types of Living Spaces

Each type of living space develops it's own set of cultural values, cultural practices and spiritual issues that are unique. 
Together these provide both opportunities and challenges for ministry in living space contexts.

Multi-Family Housing
Multihousing Ministry
Ministering to
Individuals & Families Living
in Condos and Apartments

Student Housing
Collegiate Ministry
Ministering to
College Students Living

On & Off Campus

Military Housing
Military Ministry
Ministering to
Military Soldiers & Families

Living On & Off Base

Correctional Facilities
Prison Ministry
Ministering to
Adults & Youth Incarcerated

in Prisons, Centers, & Group Homes

Medical Facilities
Health Care Ministry
Ministering to
People Receiving Nursing,
Assisted Living, & Residential Care

Single Family Housing
Neighborhood Ministry
Ministering to
Individuals & Families Living in

Single Units, Mobile Homes, & Rowhouses