Medical Living Spaces in 6 Institutional Types

Living Spaces:   MultiFamily  Student  Military  Correctional  Medical  SingleFamily
Community Types:  Upscale  Mainstay  Working  Country  Aspiring  Urban

Medical Living Spaces

A Medical living facility is one that provides custodial care to persons who, because of physical, mental, or emotional disorders, are not able to live independently. 

Ministering in
Nursing Care Spaces
Serving those in
Nursing Homes & Skilled Nursing Facilities

that provide care & rehabilitation services
Ministering in
Residential Care for Disabled
Serving those
with a disability through
residential schools

Ministering in In-Patient
Hospice Care Spaces
Serving families
providing peace, comfort & dignity
through end-of-life care

Ministering in
Long-Term Hospital Spaces
Serving those
who need extended acute
and rehabilitative care
Ministering in
Military Treatment Facilities
Serving the medical needs
of the military through
military hospitals & medical centers
Ministering in
Mental Health Spaces
Serving those
with mental illness or emotional disturbance
and impaired functional levels