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Understanding Our Area

Our Area has a rich blend of cultural and religious heritage.  Today, this diversity is expressed in various forms of religious belief and practice.  Below are several maps that highlight different aspects of this diversity.  
The estimates are from the Evangelscape dataset, see the credits for more information.


Unreached Population Estimate   

This map highlights the percent range of those who are not affiliated with an evangelical church.  The percent ranges from 40% to more than 96% in a given location.  







Religious But Not Evangelical Population Estimate

Those who are mainline Protestant, Catholic, or are committed to a world religion are highlighted on this map.  The values in the popup window include the Non Evangelical Adherents population and percent.


The water edge does not have population but it shown in a darker red color.  The color represents the percentage of population that is Religious But Not Evangelical meaning they are affiliated with a non-Evangelical group.

70 -


Active Evangelical Presence Estimate

The Active Evangelical Presence estimate is based on regular attendance at an evangelical church at least twice a month. 


48 -


Southern Baptist Member Estimate

The Southern Baptist Attendance estimate highlights the percentage of population that attendance a Southern Baptist church on any given Sunday.


Percents below are estimates of the percent of population that are SBC members in that location.  A few locations may show that there are "0" SBC members -- this indicates that the percentage of SBC members in this location is statistically insignificant.

60 -